Kayak Fishing World Records

Submit a Record Catch– email to: CKF@kayakfishing.com


  • Only legal catches will be considered.
  • Kayakfishing.com publishes all but a fraction of the record submissions we receive.
  • A world apart from the IGFA, Kayakfishing.com aspires to publish an honest, “all tackle” record of the heaviest fish landed by kayak.
  • Include a short or detailed paragraph or 2 describing the catch
  • For fast help with a record submission, contact us anytime at 1-818-970-2392.
  • Estimated weights do not qualify.
  • Fish with a ruler or tape in the photo, measured tip to tail and girth around widest part of fish, will be considered in lieu of a weighed submission for the same species.
  • Weights from trade scales (supermarket, landfill station, sportfishing landing) qualify ahead of submissions from personal digital and spring scales.
  • Rod and reel and handline catches will be considered. Fish handled by one angler qualify ahead of”assisted catches”.
  • Fish must be landed on a single hull, non-motorized kayak.  Fish hooked under kayak sail qualify for submission.