Dave Robinson-Sarasotta Florida, Estimated 130#Tarpon

“The fish in the above picture was caught with my “back up” rig and took quite a bit longer. This rig was really just one I use on the flats here and consisted of a St. Croix med action 10-20 lb rod with a Shimano Calcutta 250 reel spooled with 30 lb. Power Pro with an 80lb leader and baitbuster. This fish took 1 hour and forty minutes to bring yakside. Our best guess is that it weighed somewhere around 130lbs. We take great pains in resusitating the fish we catch and she swam off just fine after a bit of work. That is the last time I brought the light outfit out for Tarpon as it’s no good for fish or fisherman. Tarpon are a gift from above and should be treated with the utmost care and consideration. My thanks to Jeff Gaston for taking the picture.”