What’s the cheapest and easiest way to get a Mexican fishing license and kayak (boat) permit?

Contact: Mexican Department of Fisheries 2550 Fifth Ave. Suite #15 San Diego, CA 92103-6622. PHONE:  (619) 233-4324 FAX: (619)233-0344 Give a call, then send in your application fees with money order only. Thanks to “Mr. Limpet” for originally providing this update.

What should I look for in a used kayak?

A summary of important considerations from Judge Brittleness – if any of the plastic feels brittle (from being in the sun or just plain old) do not buy – and maybe don’t even take as a gift – it’s up to you on that one. You need to know what a new kayak feels like before you start checking old ones. Structure – look for modifications, holes and visibly deep scrapes in the hull. If you are concerned – ask the seller if you can fill it up with water. By doing this on dry sidewalk, you should be able […]

PVC Kayak Cart

*You need to add “T’s” to the top of this design to cradle the hull.  Pad the top of the T bars with a pool noodle or similar foam wrap.  Based on kayak manufacturers recommendations, we do not recommend supporting your kayak through the scupper holes.  

How to ID (red) California rockfish

Canary and Vermilion and Yelloweye…oh my! by Jayna Schaaf-DaSilva, Marine Biologist (article harvested from CDFG Bulletin) One of the most diverse and successful groups of fishes in the eastern Pacific is the rockfishes (genus Sebastes), represented by more than 60 species in California waters. All rockfishes have a set of characteristics that distinguish them from other fishes, most notably the prominent head spines. Rockfishes have five spines on the rear cheek area, a continuous dorsal fin with 12–15 spines and 9–16 soft rays, and an anal fin with three spines and 5–9 soft rays. Rockfishes are generally long-lived, slow growing, […]

How do I install FLUSH MOUNT ROD HOLDERS on my kayak?

Thanks to Wali for his excerpt from the Idiot’s Guide. How? Poke large hole(s) in your perfectly good Kayak and set it in place with some stick-um and screws. Seriously though, it really is about that simple. A 2 1/4″ hole saw works real well to poke the hole and I like 3m 4200 as a sealant. Don’t drill the screw holes until you put the holder in place and rotate it to the position you want your rod to point in and it fits inside your hull (I shortened mine some). Be careful and don’t over tighten the screws […]

How do I get tar off my kayak?

“Years ago I suggested on this web site, orange hand cleaner for removal of oil/tar. Spike emailed me asking that I keep an eye on the cleaned area for signs of “reactions”. I still have the OK Scrambler. The area cleaned looks the same as the rest of the kayak. I do store the kayak indoors and use “303” protectant about once per month. Perhaps the extra care has been helpful.”  Thanks to Bill Hartman, Oxnard California.

How do I avoid backlash when I cast?

Thanks to Ed Whited  for providing an easy primer on casting an open face reel.  The information applies to Shimano Corsair & Calcutta, Daiwa Millionaire, Abu Abu Garcia Ambassador and similar reels. I have two Corsairs, both of them are the new versions. I have caught yellowtail, bass and barracuda with them. They cast great and the drag system is the same as the Calcutta’s. Always watch your jig when you cast, If you do not stop the spool with your thumb when the jig hits the water, you will get a backlash. To help with your casting, and/or minimize […]

Fish Finder Installation 101 By Mark “Sea Wolf” Hall

In response to the many inquiries about fishfinder installation I decided to document the installation of my unit on my Scupper Pro and publish it here for all to see. Finder and battery selection I am not endorsing any specific finder! As matter of fact, I don’t know JACK S#*$ about how they work or which is better than the other. I will, however, tell you why I chose the particular finder and battery that I did. I bought the Humminbird 200 DX. I based my fishfinder decision on three simple points: Price. Power requirements. Only 250 mA. I think […]

Descending Black Seabass and Rockfish

3/27/18-Revisiting the Safe Release of Fish On the heels of rockfish season opening soon and snapper and other coastal species seeing their seasons with size and retention limits, the successful release of traumatized fish is crucial to conscientious fishing.  Here on the California coast, anglers are too accustomed to releasing traumatized no-take, under and oversized species for the ospreys and crabs to eat, the case in many similar fisheries.  In the time since this was first published, “release tools” have become readily available on tackle shelves  Getting a feel for a good hookset and SLOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLY moving the fish up the […]

Can I install the CKF Paddle Clips on kayaks with rounded sides like The Ride, Prowler and Malibu Kayaks?

Yes…..You can install the CKF Paddle Clips on the Prowler and other “rounded” kayaks by flexing the base to conform to the hull. Stainless nuts and bolts are recommended when access to the interior is afforded. Snug the paddle clip base down gradually alternating back and forth between each fastener. Stainless sheet metal screws or rivets will work when a “blind” fastener is needed. The Paddle Clips should be installed at room temperature or warmer for an easy application.