Descending Black Seabass and Rockfish

3/27/18-Revisiting the Safe Release of Fish On the heels of rockfish season opening soon and snapper and other coastal species seeing their seasons with size and retention limits, the successful release of traumatized fish is crucial to conscientious fishing.  Here on the California coast, anglers are too accustomed to releasing traumatized no-take, under and oversized species for the ospreys and crabs to eat, the case in many similar fisheries.  In the time since this was first published, “release tools” have become readily available on tackle shelves  Getting a feel for a good hookset and SLOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLY moving the fish up the […]

Gearing Up

GEARING UP Short of a kayak and necessary paddling gear, most anglers getting into kayak fishing already have most everything they’ll need.  Fishing kayaks range from simple craft to extreme sport fishers. (PHOTO) The majority of models are rotationally molded plastic sit-on-top designs but traditional sit-in kayaks are seen in cold water and high mileage fisheries.  Composite fishing kayaks are an upgrade in product quality on many levels, often with traditional touring kayak design.  Composite fishing kayaks are constructed differently and more expensive than roto-boats, need to be handled with care and don’t take a beating like better quality thick […]

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing can be compared to hang gliding, skydiving, and mountain climbing in that there’s a jump off point in getting started. To the novice kayak angler, the idea of crashing the surf and fighting a 30-pound white seabass is like strapping on the ‘chute and bailing out on your first plane ride. Luckily, it doesn’t take hulk-like strength to push a kayak around and once you’re on. It’s more like riding a bike than jumping out of a plane, if not safer and easier. Fishing from a modified kayak is not only a great way to fish, it’s a […]

Fishing For Roosters

by Jon Schwartz Without a doubt, roosterfish are in a class of their own. Their intricate array of feathered dorsal fins give them an unparalleled exotic look, and their proximity to shore puts the kayak angler in a perfect position target them. At times they roam alone, but just as often they swim in marauding packs with their feathers just above the water’s surface, darting around in waist deep water in search of schools of mullet, their favorite prey. No need to paddle out several hundred yards; these prized fish can be targeted within a stone’s throw of the beach, […]

`Yak Fishing For Threshers

Most people believe that fishing from kayaks is a new sport, spurred by the popularity of the inexpensive plastic vessels. Truth is there have been anglers fishing everything from longboards to dive kayaks for many decades. When it comes to kayak fishing, we all paddle in the wake of the old kayak hunters. Where they used kayaks for transportation and harvesting game to survive, we have “beat the system” so to say, and enjoy an ongoing orgy of fishing from our modified kayaks. The pre-modern kayak hunters sought seals, salmon, and whales for food. Nearly everyone had at least one […]

Yakin’ It Up in La Bufadora

The Baja peninsula offers several hundred miles of uninterrupted coastline, much of it punctuated by a seemingly endless number of protected coves, beaches and grottos. Although shore casting has always been the most commonly practiced method for taking fish in most of these remote areas, a new breed of highly adaptable fishing kayak now makes it possible to work the inshore zone for a much wider variety of species and enjoy a level of action that is virtually unattainable by those fishing from the beach or rocks just a few hundred yards away. The portability factor of a fishing kayak […]

Kayak Fishing in Catalina

In the sport of rod and reel fishing there are many experts. Some make their presence known to the kayak fisherman every time they enter into a conversation and make statements like “for the kind of fishing you do” and the ever precious “have you thought about putting a motor on it?”. For the record, a motor on a kayak makes as much sense as a 5th wheel on a car. That is why we have inflatables Not to be caught unawares, the expert will inevitably part with a “too bad” comment, such as “too bad you can’t fish the […]

Coastal Kayak Fishing

To me, the dream inshore sport fishery would be one where the fishing grounds were easily accessible, could be fished year-round, and would produce more fishing action than surf fishing or party boating. Fishing would be inexpensive, and most importantly, would allow me to go fishing as easily as others go to the gym or play golf! As coastal dwellers we don’t need to invest in an expensive boat or be a slave to launch ramps, private landings, or charters to get out often and have productive fishing. Several years ago, after experimenting with various inflatables and beach launches, on […]