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Since you’re here, chances are you already fish from a kayak or you think it’s a good idea.  The first kayak fishing web site to hit the internet in August 1997, it’s been our ongoing mission to help direct anglers into the sport efficiently and cost effectively ever since.

Editorially, we strive to promote anglers and kayak fishing over advertising, new products and sponsorships.  In our direct referrals and site content, we recommend all the proven gear as we know it to best serve each angler in his or her fishery.

Entry level kayak anglers will find quality information, regional blogs with kayak fishing info and tutorials, direction to all the fisheries and a lot more as the site grows.  After more than 20 years reaching anglers making their first searches, we’re adding resources for veteran kayak anglers too.  Pour through the site menu to get a feel.

With paddling, peddling and so many specialty fishing kayaks to consider, we continue to fit anglers with the best kayak, tackle gear, and info recommendations as we know it. We don’t sell boats or gear or much of anything beyond incredible fishing experiences here on the Sonoma Coast, 90 minutes north of San Francisco.

There is no one “best kayak” for fishing and truth is, new fishing kayaks start around $299 if that suits your budget and fishery.  Among the growing number of popular proven models, most are readily available used and often come with quality gear and accessories at a fraction of the cost of gearing up new.  Into our third decade, Kayakfishing.com guides have made more unbiased product referrals, to thousands of anglers for first kayaks and upgrade models plus kayak fishing gear and accessories, than we can count.

Get good information! Unique to all the sites that followed, anglers can still reach a guide or pro-staffer directly through Kayakfishing.com by phone, text or email.   A handful of kayak fishing experts, including writers, guides and exceptionally talented anglers coast to coast, have been fielding angler inquiries for over 20 years.  Give a call anytime!

Continued Good Fishing,
Dennis Spike

Enjoy the Site and Enjoy the Sport. It’s Really a Lifestyle!

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