SPIKE’S PICKS: “Over the years we continue to learn more about the kayaks we use through the experience of anglers, in all the fisheries, than we could ever gather on our own.  With email links and phone numbers published at since 1997, along with a handful of fishing guides and pro-staffers, we’ve personally recommended fishing kayaks to thousands of kayak anglers”.

The models we recommend to anglers represent a handful of kayaks that are time tested, proven for fishing and stored properly, most will last for many years.

The cornerstone of recommendations has always been to “fit the angler to the best model based on their height, weight and fishery needs”.  While there are “best boats” to suit the individual, there is no “best kayak for fishing, just a bunch of fishable models that better fit different sized anglers and their particular fisheries.  Size for storage, weight for transporting and width (for fear of falling off) are just some of the considerations.  Some anglers and/or kayaks benefit from rudders, some don’t.   If you have a big tidal swing, troll a lot or cover a lot of distance, lean towards a rudder.


Email a guide anytime with your HEIGHT, WEIGHT AND FISHERY PLUS ANY MODELS YOU ARE CONSIDERING at or call 1-818-970-2392 from 10am-10pm Daily PST.

How do I install FLUSH MOUNT ROD HOLDERS on my kayak?

Thanks to Wali for his excerpt from the Idiot’s Guide. How? Poke large hole(s) in your perfectly good Kayak and set it in place with some stick-um and screws. Seriously though, it really is about that simple. A 2 1/4″ hole saw works real well to poke the hole and I like 3m 4200 as a sealant. Don’t drill the screw holes until you put the holder in place and rotate it to the position you want your rod to point in and it fits inside your hull (I shortened mine some). Be careful and don’t over tighten the screws […]

Can I install the CKF Paddle Clips on kayaks with rounded sides like The Ride, Prowler and Malibu Kayaks?

Yes…..You can install the CKF Paddle Clips on the Prowler and other “rounded” kayaks by flexing the base to conform to the hull. Stainless nuts and bolts are recommended when access to the interior is afforded. Snug the paddle clip base down gradually alternating back and forth between each fastener. Stainless sheet metal screws or rivets will work when a “blind” fastener is needed. The Paddle Clips should be installed at room temperature or warmer for an easy application.

How do I get tar off my kayak?

“Years ago I suggested on this web site, orange hand cleaner for removal of oil/tar. Spike emailed me asking that I keep an eye on the cleaned area for signs of “reactions”. I still have the OK Scrambler. The area cleaned looks the same as the rest of the kayak. I do store the kayak indoors and use “303” protectant about once per month. Perhaps the extra care has been helpful.”  Thanks to Bill Hartman, Oxnard California.

Kayak Maintenance

Kayak Storage, Transportation and Maintenance