Derwin Chang of San Diego landed this 65.5# WSB w/ 15# P-Line on May 16. 2009. Thanks to Sonny Carig for the submission.

“I was fishing the Barber Poles about a mile and a half outside of the Dana Point harbor with my fishing buddy Mike Graham Wwe were in 90′-100′ of water catching our share of nice size calico and sand bass. I was using my bass rod with 15# test P-Line, fishing the bottom, with a 6″ gulp grub on a 3/4oz. head, when all of a sudden the rod went big time bendo. The battle lasted for 45 min. and only after it took me for the ride of me life. When I was done landing the fish I managed to tow it back into the harbor were we weighed it at the fuel dock. It tipped the scale at 65.5 lbs., was 57″ in length and had a 32″ girth. I consider myself very fortunate to have caught such a fish and it just goes to show that you never know when you’re going to be in that right place at that right time.” Derwin Chang

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