Jeff “Rhino” Krieger, inventor of the Rhynobar, landed a 50 pound California halibut at the Los Angeles/ Ventura County line in 60 feet of water. Rhino used a bucktail jig on 15# test line. “I have always had good luck fishing on family birthdays and this fish was no exception. I had to get permission from the birthday boy, my eldest son Ryan was enjoying his 6th birthday, October 2nd 1999. The party was later in the day so he wished me luck and said “catch me a big one dad”. I launched at the LA/Ventura county line and headed out to 80′ where a squid boat was on anchor after fishing squid in that location the previous night. Sand bass were a fish a cast when the big halibut took my offering, a stripper jig 1-1/2 oz tipped with a squid strip, on 15lb Sufix clear mono line,Shimano Calcutta 400s on a Graphtech 7′ medium action rod. The battle lasted 20 minutes and the fish came in without much commotion for a big fish. The hen (female halibut), weighed an even 50 lbs. on the State Certified Grocers meat scale at my local market Green Acres in Simi Valley. Measured at 54″, it is still my biggest ever and probably will be for a long time.”
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