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2015 – Kayak Fishing Fall Classic Tournament Results

The Results:
Tournament Champion – Jim Welborn, Santa Rosa California  
2nd Place: Casey Tosta
3rd Place:  Soren Murphy

2014 – Kayak Fishing Fall Classic Tournament Results

The Results:
Tournament Champion :
2nd Place:
3rd Place:
4th Place:
5th Place:

2013 – Kayak Fishing Fall Classic Tournament Results

The Results:
Tournament Champion : Steve Short-Petaluma, California
2nd Place: Gary Charles
3rd Place:  Mike L.

2012 – Kayak Fishing Fall Classic Tournament Results

71 Anglers Registered- Sat morning conditions were good and kayaks flooded the water at Ocean Cove and beyond.  Anglers weighed in right up to the deadline and we managed the prizes and Trencherman’s BBQ within a few hours of the scales closing.
The Results:
Tournament Champion – Brian Flood “The Dude” Sacramento, CA- won with a 9.76 lingcod
2nd Place-Jeremy Gradney Sebastopol, CA won with 3 fish @19.82#
3rd Place- Mike Lavoie, Citrus Heights, CA weighed 3 fish @ 17.30#
4th Place-Adam Koons, Auburn, CA
Special thanks to all our sponsors including  Guayaki Herba Mate for fueling the sport, Terrafin Imaging, Lowrance, Ranger Nets, Ribz Tackle Vest, ,, Western Outdoor News and Jack’s Plastic Welding for their generous support of The Fall Classic.  We’d also like acknowledge Ocean Cove Campground and their crew who, along with a handful of private operators, are keeping coastal access to recreational fishing alive on the North Coast.

46.1 lbs – Halibut – Julia Benak


Julia Benak-California Halibut – 46.1 lbs Feb 26th, 2006 Doheny Beach Official Women’s 16lb line class record.

256 pound common thresher shark – Vic Van Wie


Vic Van Wie, Studio City, California

Vic Van Wie, Studio City, California. 256 pound common thresher shark.
Gear: Daiwa 6’6″ Sealine-X rod and Daiwa Sealine-X SL-X30HV reel with 30lb. Izorline and Power Pro backing. I used a 5/0 mustad circle hook with a 300 lb. mono leader.
The fish weighed in at 256 lbs. on a physicians scale and measured 10ft.10in.

41″ Snook – Vivian Oliva


Vivian Oliva, Miami Florida. 41″ snook. June 30th, 2001

Fishing the outgoing tide at one of the exits from shallow Chokoloskee Bay, there was a lot of baitfish action. I started trolling with a 1/4 oz cottee red head jig with a 4″ rootbeer Gotcha swirl tail grub. After about 100 yards, my kayak came to a halt and started going backwards. A flash of silver and it looked like a tarpon so I grabbed the rod and got a good hook set, at which point the fish started taking me around faster into open water. Then it decided to do what all snook do to get free… head into the mangroves. As the fish was 5 feet from the mangroves I opened the bail and took the pressure off the fish. It stopped and started swimming out into the open again.

Great! I let it go and started picking up line slowly until it was clear of the shoreline and I resumed the fight. I finally tired it out. Paddling around for what seemed like hours to find CBK, Tom and TJ, I finally spotted CBK and he had a camera to record the fish. It measured 41″ but the girth was not taken so we will never know how much it weighed. I was fortunate to have been able to get the fish back in the water and it swam away.

Tackle used: Shimano 4000 spinning reel with a Falcon med/heavy action rod
FS-5-16. Line: Ande 10lb test with a 30lb mono leader tied to line with a
surgeons knot. The lure is tied to leader with a loop knot (very important).

50 pound California halibut – Jeff “Rhino” Krieger


Jeff “Rhino” Krieger, inventor of the Rhynobar, landed a 50 pound California halibut at the Los Angeles/ Ventura County line in 60 feet of water. Rhino used a bucktail jig on 15# test line. “I have always had good luck fishing on family birthdays and this fish was no exception. I had to get permission from the birthday boy, my eldest son Ryan was enjoying his 6th birthday, October 2nd 1999. The party was later in the day so he wished me luck and said “catch me a big one dad”. I launched at the LA/Ventura county line and headed out to 80′ where a squid boat was on anchor after fishing squid in that location the previous night. Sand bass were a fish a cast when the big halibut took my offering, a stripper jig 1-1/2 oz tipped with a squid strip, on 15lb Sufix clear mono line,Shimano Calcutta 400s on a Graphtech 7′ medium action rod. The battle lasted 20 minutes and the fish came in without much commotion for a big fish. The hen (female halibut), weighed an even 50 lbs. on the State Certified Grocers meat scale at my local market Green Acres in Simi Valley. Measured at 54″, it is still my biggest ever and probably will be for a long time.”
Bigsnook_1_s.jpg (45497 bytes)

Spotfin Croaker 7 Pounds, 26 Inches


Spotfin Croaker 7 Pounds, 26 Inches-12# test Shimano Corsair Reel, Abu Garcia Rod

Jerry Giberti- Alhambra, California- July 4th, 2004

“….a full blown Dana Point (California) Fourth of July was underway. The bite (in the harbor) was unrelenting! A combination of small barracuda and herring…..On the next drop, the pole suddenly turned into a ninety degree bendo, and I put my feet back in the yak. this fish began to haul my yak around the harbor, with spectators looking on as the battle continued…..After about fifteen minutes I finally got the fish high enough to see….. then down he went again. About ten minutes later,I finally netted my fish. It barely fit in the net. I found out it was a spotfin (croaker).”